Early Voting

Vote Early for the 2014 General Election

What is Early Voting?

Early Voting was created to allow voters the opportunity to cast a ballot prior to Election Day without having to provide a reason or an excuse for wanting to vote early. Votes cast early are not counted until after the polls close on Election Day.

What do I need to Early Vote?

Voters DO NOT NEED to present a government issued photo ID to vote. The voters indentity will be verified using a signature match just like on Election Day.

When is Early Voting?

The Early Voting period for the 2015 Consolidated Election is Monday, March 23, 2015 through Saturday, April 4, 2015.

Where can I Early Vote?

Click here to find out where you can Vote Early in the City of Peoria

*If you live outside the city limits of Peoria but within the County of Peoria, contact the Peoria County Clerk's Office at 309 672-6070 and select #2.  

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