Provisional Voting

What is Provisional Voting?

Your eligibility to vote has been questioned on Election Day. You will be voting a Provisional Ballot. Your ballot will be processed and counted if you are found eligible to vote.

Why am I voting a Provisional Ballot?

  • If your name does not appear on our list of eligible voters for the precinct you wish to vote in.
  • If your voting status has been challenged by an election judge, a poll watcher, or any legal voter. A majority vote for election judges determine if you get a Provisional Ballot.
  • If a Federal or State court extends the time of the polls beyond what State law established.
  • If you register to vote by a mail-in application; you are required by law to show identification when voting and you fail to show identification at the polls.
  • If our records indicate you have already voted by absentee ballot and you do not agree with our records.

What can I do after I vote to ensure my vote is counted?

  • If you did not bring any identification you can bring that to the Election Office within 48 hours after voting.
  • If you have proof of registration you can bring that to the Election Office within 48 hours after voting.

How do I know if my vote counted?

  • Call or click on the following link to check if your vote counted. You will need the carbon receipt from the polling place to retrieve this information.
  • After 48 hours the Peoria Board of Election Commissioners will send you a letter explaining why your vote did not count.

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